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CBD Isolates

Browse our range of CBD Isolates, which are created using organic ingredients and some which are also vegan and gluten-free.

Our variety of, CBD Isolates are all fully lab tested and deliver in excess of 99% purity with 0% THC ensuring that you obtain the full benefits that CBD has to offer.

What are CBD Isolates?

CBD Isolates are often pure, crystalline powders that usually contain 99% pure CBD meaning all the plant matter of the hemp plant including oils and waxes are removed.

How to use CBD Isolates

CBD Isolates can be consumed in a variety of ways and are often used to create CBD infused food and drink such as smoothies or CBD tea.

However, the easiest way to consume CBD Isolates is to place them in your mouth and simply let them dissolve.

What are the benefits of CBD Isolates?

CBD Isolates carry all the same benefits as other CBD products and can be effective and helping relieve the effects of pain, inflammation and anxiety.

However the effectiveness of CBD Isolates peaks at a medium dose and the effects are less potent at higher and lower doses.