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CBD Lollipops

CBD edibles are one of the most popular methods of consuming CBD and hemp lollipops are quickly becoming one of the most popular CBD edible products on the market.

Our CBD lollipops from Dr Greenlove come in a range of flavours taken from a range of popular strains from the traditional Girl Scout Cookies to the more exotic Mango Haze.


How do CBD Lollipops work?

Whilst the CBD lollipop is in your mouth, the CBD has time to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Whatever is not absorbed will be swallowed and consumed similarly to other CBD edibles.

Do CBD Lollipops have a psychoactive effect?

No, our cannabis lollipops contain 100% cannabis hemp oil and no THC meaning our range of CBD lollipops do not have a psychoactive effect and do not get you high.