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CBD Edibles, CBD Gummy Bears, Hemp Strips & More!

CBD (which is a cannabinoid) is just one element commonly found within hemp plants that can be digested in a range of ways through CBD Oil to delicious CBD Edibles

These individual cannabinoids each have their own qualities that can be used in many ways. So if you regularly add a teaspoon of cinnamon to your morning coffee, why not enjoy a CBD Gummy or CBD lollipop as part of your diet?

Why incorporate CBD Edibles into your diet?

Our range of CBD Edibles can be used to boost your morning or to sooth you down for a restful sleep. Browse our CBD Sweets below where you’ll find popular products from CBD Honey Sticks, Hemp Honey, CBD Sour Strips and more!

Are CBD Edibles Legal?

Yes. CBD is a legal substance here in the UK. However with CBD edibles, we always advise you stick to the recommended amount to eat, so you can enjoy your CBD edibles without exceeding the recommended consumption.