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CBD Capsules

CBD Capsules can be a great addition alongside your everyday supplements to ensure you get everything you need within your diet.

CBD Capsules are easy to digest, simply swallow whilst drinking some water, they’re easy to take and you can enjoy all the benefits CBD capsules have to offer.

What are the benefits of CBD Capsules?

If you’ve tried CBD Oil and feel it’s not for you, CBD Capsules can be a great alternative. They are easy take and if you’re unsure about the amount of dosage you require, CBD capsules have already done the hard work for you.

CBD Capsules are also odourless and flavourless, so if you’ve had issues in the past with the taste and smell of CBD products you can rely on CBD capsules to have neither.

If you’re conscious about the types of ingredients in your CBD products, our CBD capsules also include organic full spectrum full hemp oil so you can enjoy the absolute best quality of product.

CBD Capsules vs CBD Oil – What’s the difference?

The difference between CBD oil and CBD capsules usually comes down to how people perceive the product. Obviously by the name, CBD oil is an oil based product which is usually packaged as a tincture which can be digest through a dropper that is provided with the CBD oil.

CBD capsules on the other hand are, as they are described in capsule form. Just like any other pill or tablet you would swallow, CBD capsules are digested the same.

Main differences include the dosage. CBD oil can differ depending on how much dosage you choose to provide yourself through the dropper, where as the CBD capsules have already been distributed to a recommended amount.