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Bongs can be utilised in the consumption of a variety of CBD products and work by producing a vapour which allows CBD to be inhaled directly.

Our range of high quality glass bongs allow for easy and effective CBD usage and are an excellent way to consume various CBD products such as CBD Hash as well as CBD Wax and Shatter.

Do Bongs work without water?

Whilst a bong can function without water it is not recommended. The water allows for a smoother, fresher hit of CBD vapour each time.

Using a bong without water would be the same as burning or smoking CBD products and you receive none of the added benefits a bong can bring to the experience of taking CBD.

Are glass bongs better than plastic?

Most bongs are either glass or plastic but a glass bong is almost always better quality. The main benefit of a glass bong is that it will always clean better than plastic and will appear as good as new, therefore increasing the longevity of your bong.