Kingdom of Green

Kingdom of Green was founded in August 2017.

We were just like you, CBD consumers who had seen the positive benefits of cannabis oil first hand so we decided to start our company to try and help others who were in the same boat as us.

Some of the success stories of CBD consumers from around the globe are truly amazing and to be able play a part in is something that we are extremely proud of.

We personally scoured every resource possible for months trying to find hemp suppliers until we found the right ones who share not only our love for cannabis products, but our morals regarding customer care reasonably priced products and customer safety.

In the past year we have now became very well known for our CBD rich hemp flowers, and we only source them from companies who abide by the strictest set of rules in regards to organic growing conditions, proper storage and curing of the hemp flowers themselves.

You, our customers will always come first as we are strong believers of people over profit.

An important point we would like to make very clear is that, as sellers of hemp based CBD products we are not allowed or qualified to make any medicinal claims or give medical advise about any of our products.

We always ensure these rules are adhered too at Kingdom of Green.