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Who are we?

Kingdom of Green was created in 2017, by CBD consumers, for CBD consumers. Our passion for the positive benefits that CBD products can provide for so many lead us to create our own product range. Our customers always come first over profit, which is why we wanted to create products that were affordable without compromising on the quality.

We personally source our suppliers to ensure our customers have the best product they can buy, knowing it’s been created with the highest production quality and care.

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How CBD Products can Help to Reduce Stress

Stress is a part of life. When it stays a small part, it can actually be beneficial. It can often be managed by effective self-care and CBD products can be a big help.
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The Different Methods of CBD Consumption

There are all kinds of different ways of consuming CBD. The right one for you will depend partly on your needs, lifestyle and preferences.
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CBD and Driving, What You Need to Know

CBD has now become a mainstream health-and-wellness product. If you use it (or are considering using it), it’s important to understand how it may impact your driving.
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